Sober Devotional for May 15

Exodus 28:2 – “You shall make vestments of sanctity for Aaron your brother, for glory and splendor.”

The Priest wore a beautiful, elaborate outfit when he performed the special services to God in the Tabernacle. One of the purposes of the Priest’s outfit was to imbue the Priest with “glory and splendor.” This should make us think about the glory and splendor we can achieve through the service of God. It elevates us and wraps us in glorious, splendid “robes” – conscious contact with God is a glorious experience. We should seek it and cherish it in recovery. The glorious feeling fills those holes in our souls that we used to fill with addiction.

What’s also interesting about this verse is the detail that Moses himself is asked to make the vestments. Really? Yes, Moses himself had to sew the garments. There’s a huge lesson in humility here that we can all learn from in recovery. Moses was at once the greatest prophet in Jewish history and the most humble man who ever lived. Oh, that addicts could think this way. Sometimes, of course, you see it. In Los Angeles, it’s routine to see multi-millionaire movie producers, rock stars and Oscar winners sitting quietly at meetings, waiting for a turn to speak and listening carefully to the opinions of people of quite different stations in life. That’s the kind of humility you need to attain sobriety. Moses had no problem sewing clothes for his brother, even though his brother was theoretically beneath him in the leadership. That’s what people with serious God consciousness do. They’re humble.

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