Genesis 12 Step Teleseminar Recording: Steps 1-4

This is a recording of an inspirational teleseminar that discusses the Book of Genesis through the lens of 12 step addiction recovery, including:

Step 1 – How our powerlessness over alcohol affected our ability to experience and participate in the universe that God created.

Step 2 – How Adam and Eve hiding from God in the Garden of Eden can help us understand how a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

Step 3 – How Noah turned his life over to the care of God in the Ark.

Step 4 – What we can learn from the quarrel between Abraham and Lot’s shepherds.

About the Speaker: Boruch Binyamin is the pen name of a 51 year old religious Jewish man who has been staying sober in Alcoholics Anonymous for 15 years. He wrote the full-length version of this book, For I Will Be With You, to connect the wisdom of The Torah – the first five books of The Bible – with the principles of AA addiction recovery. Going from Genesis 1:1 through the end of Deuteronomy, the book offers a Biblical verse and its connection to sober concepts for each day of the year. Each daily reflection is intended to give the reader a way to think about the practices of 12 step recovery programs in the context of the Bible.

All attendees will receive a free eBook of daily reflections from the Book of Genesis. (OR a free printed booklet version)

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