Weekly Phone Meeting

Every Wednesday, we hold a phone meeting for recovering alcoholics and addicts based on a Sober Devotional reading from the book “For I Will Be With You.”  The meeting is anonymous and runs like an AA phone meeting.

Meeting format:

  1. Welcome and reading of AA preamble, traditions and steps.
  2. Reading of Biblical verse from “For I Will Be With You”
  3. Mini-lead discussion of the verse as it relates to recovery.
  4. Open sharing
  5. Wrap up

When: Wednesdays at 12 noon, east coast time.

Dial in: (712) 775-7100

Code: 877643#

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The meeting is based on this book. It is not required that you own the book, but you might find it useful to have.

12 step recovery

You can order the book here or on Amazon.com.


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